My Family Goes Out for a Meal at Texas Roadhouse

What restaurant do you think of when you want a quality steak along with amazing service? Some may think of Applebee’s, some Outback, and some just a local steakhouse. Although there are many who would say Texas Roadhouse has the most flavorful and well cut steak around. Located on Kroger Center Boulevard near Chesterfield Towne Center, it is relatively easy to find, and in a great spot.

One of the first things that was noticed was the old-fashioned western theme. Country music, peanuts (still in the shell, very delicious), along with the overall wood style and fake cactus plants to top it all off. Another thing you will notice is their unique birthday tradition, and the line dancing that the waitresses do to certain songs, which is very fun to watch.

We were greeted cheerfully and taken to a clear cabinet showcasing their premium cuts of meat you could order before being seated. This is also where you receive your freshly made hot rolls.

Once we were seated in a comfortable booth, we were greeted by our server, who was very kind with ordering our drinks and offering any help with figuring out what you want. The menu had many delicious options and many different types of steaks to choose from on the menu, along with chicken, seafood, and salads. I knew immediately that I wanted to try one of their steaks, so I finally decided on their eight-ounce sirloin with a side of loaded mashed potatoes and a house salad. A rather large size bucket of peanuts was already on our table, which we snacked on while we waited.

After a short wait, the salad arrived, looking quite appetizing. I was definitely excited to see how it would taste, as the rolls that we received were absolutely amazing. The salad was extremely good, and easily finished.

About the time I was done with my salad, the food came. My sizzling steak with a rather good portion of mashed potatoes on the side loaded with bacon, cheese, and sour cream was placed in front of me. I eagerly cut into my steak, which I had gotten cooked medium. It was to no surprise, perfectly cooked. The potatoes were amazing, as was the steak of course. It was definitely the best steak I’ve ever had, and have been to Texas Roadhouse since then, with the same results each time. It is rare to find a restaurant with that great of service, people who love their job, and some of the best foods at a quite reasonable cost.



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