Student Strives to Play Basketball

Luster working hard in her first period class on making a website.

Luster working hard in her first period class on making a website. She is known to do well in most of her classes.

By: Abby Duncan

 Fourth grade is when Jaylin Luster began playing basketball. She still remembers the first game she played.

“I was nervous.” said Luster. She didn’t want to mess things up for the team. All in all, she thinks that she did okay. In total there she had about 4 turnovers that game.

Her father played for Henrico High School, and was one of the best players on the team. Luster and her father both love the game.

She went on to talk about how her favorite thing about playing basketball would be “competing with other teams.”

Luster plays a couple of positions, point guard and shooting guard, and practices about three days a week. She is currently playing for Cap City Ballerz, and practices with them at U-Turn.

She has an older brother who also plays basketball. Luster is planning to try out for her team at Manchester High School. She also used to play for her middle school.

Luster’s favorite NBA basketball team would be the Lakers. She also said that basketball is her favorite sport.

Some of her favorite things to do include going outside to play basketball. Although Luster loves to play basketball, she talked a bit about how she would like to become a physical therapist when she gets older.

Luster is going to have to keep up her grades during basketball season this year at Manchester High School, but that shouldn’t be too hard for her. When asked if she thought school was easy or difficult, Luster said that “it depends on the subject.” So in this case, she thinks that some classes are more difficult than others. That means she just might have to work a little harder in some classes in order to keep her grades up during the basketball season at Manchester.  That means more studying, and she’ll have to stay focused.

Luster enjoys playing basketball, although she said that when trying out for Manchester that she “didn’t really want to.”, although still enjoys playing basketball for her other team.


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