Youth Pastor Connects With Teens

Dancing group during a conference, with help of Granell.

Dancing group during a conference, with help of Granell. He often helps coordinate these retreats, and is very helpful with all groups he gets involved.

By: Abby D.

Working as a youth pastor for 7 years at New Life Outreach International Church, Eddie Granell doesn’t keep his work within the church. At only 30 years old, he creates a connection with teenagers.

 Not only does Granell preach to the youth group during church, he also is available and many times will go out for lunch and talk to teenagers and answer any questions they may have. He gives all of the teenagers his phone number in case they need to reach him, which has proved to be quite convenient.

Granell’s favorite part about being a youth pastor is getting to pray with teenagers and answer any questions they have. He loves helping them throughout their lives. He talks with them frequently and helps them with any troubles they have, anything bothering them.

 Seeing progress in the student’s and teenager’s lives is something that motivates Granell to continue in his work. He loves working with them and helping them, and he loves what he does. Also, he enjoys getting to work with the teenagers’ families to see a positive change form in their lives.

“I think that he’s a young man who had a tough life, lost his father at an early age, and has not only taken care of his mother, but, is very active in his church, and is, is a very excellent youth pastor, and married and with a wonderful family,” said Nancy Jeffers, who has known of Granell for about 9 years or so.

As a youth pastor, Granell has the opportunity to witness many cool things happen with teenagers. One thing he enjoys is seeing and witnessing teenagers on missions trips.

“They get to see how another side of the world lives and how much they themselves take for granted,” Granell said.

He often goes with teenagers in the youth group when they go on retreats too. There, Granell has yet another chance to speak with them, sometimes individually, and connects with them. He takes time away from his wife and two children he has to go out on these retreats to connect and be there for the teens.

While on retreats, or even just on Wednesday nights, he interacts with the teenagers a lot. Many of them really enjoy how he works with them and gets to know each one as an individual. It is really a special connection that helps teenagers a lot in their lives, and gives them someone to talk to.

In high school, Granell had wanted to be a teacher. He wanted to teach at a middle school level, and he never really thought he would have become a youth pastor.

 “It was the furthest thing from my mind,” he said, “All I thought about in high school was getting into college. I wasn’t the overachiever.”

As a teenager himself, Granell had a major role model in his life. His youth pastor was that major influence in his life. He really helped him when he was a teenager, and that motivated Granell as a youth pastor.

“My youth pastor was a huge influence in my life and helped me to live in a way that honored God. I always wanted to do the same,” said Granell.


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