Manchester Student Shows Incredible Talent for Drumming

Casey Atkinson

Casey Atkinson sitting in the mass comm class room. Casey plays drums for fun and with his friends.

By Natalie Webster

In the sixth grade Casey Atkinson took a test to see which instrument he would enjoy playing the most in the school band at Salem Middle School. When the test results were in it was between trumpet and percussion for Casey. To him the choice was clear to choose to play percussion.


“I played in the band.  I took band in sixth grade and played percussion.  When I switched schools I got out of the band and just started playing the drums.” Atkinson started playing drums at home after he decided to switch schools from Salem Middle School to Bailey Bridge Middle School. Since there were two months left in the school year, he decided to be home schooled for that short time. At the beginning of that summer he decided to stop percussion in the school band and play his drums drums.


As he started taking lessons over the summer he learned that he really liked playing the drums. Even now it is one of his favorite hobbies. He set up his drum set in the garage hoping the noise wouldn’t be too bad. However, the noise from drumming is still pretty loud when he is practicing.


Atkinson also enjoys playing any kind of music on his drums that he can. He does practice his drums about every other day. On some days he does not have his whole drum set because half of it is over at his friend’s house down the street. Atkinson and two friends, Jake and Timmy, were trying to start a band over the summer.


“Atomic Dogs” or “Acoustic Levitation” replied Atkinson when he was asked about possible names for the band. He would have agreed to either name if he and his friends would have been able to get together and make the band like they had been planning.


One of the problems that the band could not work through was where they were going to hold band practice each week. At Atkinson’s house there were not enough electrical outlets. Unfortunately neither of his friend’s houses was large enough to hold the drums and all of the other instruments, people, and equipment .


“We really only have half a band,” said Atkinson. “We had about half of a song finished with only the drum part and the guitar parts done. So that’s really as far as we got.”


You can tell by just meeting  and watching him for a while that even at school he is thinking of his drum set. Atkinson will often start tapping on his school books with the ends of his pencils. Just simply doing this he can make a great beat. Even discussing playing the drums brings a big smile to his face. To Atkinson, the drums will always be a hobby that he really enjoys to do. He thinks that it will be best to keep the music writing to the professionals for the time being.


He enjoys playing the drums for a lot of different reasons. One being that they are obviously fun to play. Atkinson likes playing them anytime, and he realizes the drums are a less common instrument to play. He realizes many more people choose to play the guitar or the piano. In addition, he likes drumming because he can control how fast or how slow the music is playing in the song.


Atkinson said, “I like the drums because they are fun and loud. Also because anyone that really tries can sit there and play something that sounds halfway decent. So, drums are easy to play but hard to master and that’s what I really like about them.”


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