Clover Hill Junior Adapts to New Schools

Bai Stanfield taking a selfie

Bai Stanfield hanging out with his friend after school a Friday night to get some pizza. Although he has moved schools, he manages to stay loyal to his friends.

By: Lance the great Holmes

Bai Stanfield has lived in 3 states, and been to 9 schools!! Stanfield has lived in Alabama, North Carolina, and currently Virginia.  He attended to 2 schools in Alabama,  4 schools in North Carolina, and 3 In Virginia. He’s been to 3 different private schools, 5 different public schools, and was home schooled once.

“It’s hard to make a good friend, but not hard to find an acquaintance,”  said Stanfield.

Although he has moved to multiple states and schools, it hasn’t been hard for Stanfield to make friends. Stanfield’s father, Mark Stanfield, said, “it’s very easy for [Bai] to make friends.”

Katie Stanfield, Bai’s sister said, “No, it isn’t hard for Bai to make friends.”

Stanfield says that his family has moved so much because of different job opportunities. Another reason is his parents jobs made them move.

For kindergarten and 1st grade Stanfield went to a private school in Alabama called, SouthMinster.

For 2nd grade he went to East elementary which was a public school in Alabama. In 3rd grade he went to SouthMinster and half of 4th grade.

Halfway through  4th grade he and his family moved to North Carolina. When he got there he ended up going back to third grade. The reason he went back to 3rd grade was he was behind the other students.

He only was in 3rd grade for the last part of that 4th grade year he went to Woodland heights. Then for 4th grade the second time he was homeschooled. In fifth grade he went to Lake Norman which was another private school.

For half of 6th grade he went to another private school called, Lake Norman Christian.

Halfway through 6th grade his family moved yet again to Virginia. When he got here he went to Midlothian Middle school. Stanfield went there for half of 6th grade and half of 7th grade.

After he left Midlothian halfway through 7th grade he started to go to a private school named Veritas. He was at Veritas for the second half of 7th grade up until 9th grade.

For 10th grade he started to go Clover hill high school, and is now currently a junior there.

Stanfield hopes to continue going to Clover hill and graduate from there. Hopefully he’ll get a chance to that.


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